GDPR Policy



The General Data Protection Regulation is a EU measure that came into force in May 2018. It defines how
organisations, businesses and clubs must safeguard personal information collected in the course of their
activities. The Lancashire Aero Club uses members’ information for communication and membership
administration purposes. We are now obliged to explain to you our process for doing so.

The Club holds names, email addresses, postal addresses, and information about members’ flying
qualifications and details of any aircraft associated with the member concerned where the member has
volunteered this information. Consent for the Club to use this information is necessary for an applicant to be
accepted into membership, and is notified via the application form. Members’ information is held on a master
database for the duration of membership, overseen by our financial administrator. No one else has access to
this raw data apart from the Treasurer, the Membership Secretary and the committee member delegated to
send out Club emails (at the moment this is the Honorary Secretary). The Membership Secretary is designated
as the Data Protection Officer.

The Club does not share any personal information with any third party except with the permission of the
member concerned. The only variation to this would be in the case of a court order compelling a disclosure.
Individual members have the right to a full disclosure of all information held on them by the Club. They have
the right to have any inaccurate information corrected. Members have the right to have their information deleted
(although this will obviously preclude receipt of any mailings from the Club). Finally, when members leave the
Club their personal information will be deleted.

If you have any questions about the Club’s data protection policy please write to the address below with your concerns/questions.
Lancashire Aero Club
PO BOX 472
M33 0BU

You can also contact the Information Commissioner’s Office in case of any dispute.



Chris Barham,
Lancashire Aero Club

Mark N