Members Reclaim Scheme

Hire Subsidy : Full Flying Members

The subsidy for licensed LAC members is £ 10.00 per hour when hiring an aircraft from any of the Barton Flying Schools.

Member may claim a maximum of two, one-hour periods per month (Only full hours are claimable but may be consolidated over a single month.)

Grant towards further training : Full Flying Members

Full LAC Members are eligible for recovery of CAA fees for IMC, Night Rating etc.

Re-claim of landing fees outside the partner airfield scheme : two special cases

Flying members may claim £ 5 per landing when landing at unmanned strips. (2 per month)

Non-Barton based flying members may reclaim a Barton landing fee (max one per month).

GFT Grant : Student Members

Members under training for a first licence cannot claim for hirings but benefit from a grant of £ 150 on successful completion of their training. (On award of the grant the student member will be uprated to PPL member and a pro rata membership fee for the remainder of the year is payable.)

Claim procedure is as follows:

Pay for your flight hire or landing. Copy the invoice and enclose it with a copy of your flight log and membership details. Please state clearly what you are claiming.

Send the claim with your bank details to: The LAC Secretary, 2 Faber Cottages, Cotton Lane, Cotton, Stoke-on-Trent, ST10 3DN.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All claims must be received within two months of the event and will normally be paid by BACS.

John Coxon.

LAC Treasurer

Mark N