Free landings for members (with a current membership card)

The committee has negotiated a number of deals with airfields nearby which will give members free landings and in some cases discounted rates on fuel.

Bagby Free landing
Breighton Free landing
Caernarfon Free landing
Halfpenny Green  Free landing
Nottingham (Tollerton) Free landing
Sherburn Free landing
Shobdon Free landing
Sywell Free landing
Tatenhill Free landing
Wellesbourne Free landing
Welshpool Free landing

A current membership card must be produced before payment to take advantage of these concessions. Please note that this arrangement is for one full-stop landing at a partner airfield per visit. "Touch-and-goes" are NOT covered by the landing card.

The arrangements with our partner fields are constantly being renegotiated.

Members are advised to check with their destination before the flight to ensure that the landing card arrangement is still in force.