Benefits of Lancashire Aeroclub

Here are the details of benefits for Club Members as of September 2019.

The landing card scheme has undergone a shakeup, now you are entitled to unlimited landings for non-commercial flights during the membership year at participating airfields. Full details and certain restrictions are listed on the Club website.

You can get a rebate on one landing fee at Barton per month, provided your aircraft or helicopter is not based there.

You can claim back two contributions of £5 per month made at unattended sites where there is no set landing fee but donations are accepted.

You can claim back a rebate of £10 per month for hire of an aircraft from a Barton-based flying school.

You can claim back CAA fees for the addition of a rating to your PPL, for instance an IR(R) or night rating.

If you are still in training for your PPL you can claim a grant of £150 when you pass your GFT.

If you hire lifejackets or a dinghy for flights over water then you can claim a rebate of £10.00 per trip.

(With the exception of the free landings, other claims must be accompanied by a copy of the relevant logbook page and receipt).

Other non-monetary benefits include: You get free entry to events in the Veterans’ Garage Lounge at Barton.

Kenyon Hall Farm is provided as a meeting place or fly-in destination, and is now open any day, at pilot’s discretion.

We also provide talks and social events both at Barton and Kenyon Hall Farm strip.

Peter Ashford