Lancashire Aero Club was established in 1922, is the oldest active flying club in the UK and possibly the world. It was based at Barton Aerodrome from 1947 until early 2007 but has now left for another venue, although we are actively seeking an airfield of our own.

Approaching and departing KHF


Please note that to avoid conflict with other airspace users right base joins are prohibited for both 23 and 05

Due to the possibility of models flyers in an adjacent field:-


Join on left base for 23 or left base for 05 at 800 on the Manchester QNH. No overhead joins or local flying, circuits not permitted. No PFLs, low flying or go arounds, other than to check status and condition of runway. Caution: curl over from trees with northerly winds and crops which are grown up to runway edges. Avoid overflying nearby village to the North of the strip and Kenyon Hall Farm microlight strip to the south.

On departure from 23 climb straight ahead until over the motorway before turning on track.
On departure from 05 avoid overflying Golborne and Culcheth. Pilots should keep a very good lookout for aircraft entering or exiting the Manchester low level route.

In the event of a missed approach on 23 pilots should turn right as soon as it is safe to do so and route around Golborne, then between Golborne and Culcheth to rejoin on long final 23 avoiding overflying the houses nearby.

In the event of a missed approach on 05 pilots should turn left as soon as it is safe to do so and route around Golborne to rejoin on left base 05 avoiding overflying the houses nearby.