Lancashire Aero Club was established in 1922, is the oldest active flying club in the UK and possibly the world. It was based at Barton Aerodrome from 1947 until early 2007 but has now left for another venue, although we are actively seeking an airfield of our own.

Links that may come in useful...

ais; flyer pilot     metoffice; eads; ontrack; metcheck; euroweather sia; NWStrut AOPA-UK LAC flying school

Temporary airspace restrictions and Red Arrows bookings:
Freephone 0500 354 802

Another useful site for news about GA is The Gremline Flight Safety Digest

Not GA but looks useful if you're jetting off somewhere...UK Airport News.

American site but with lots of interesting stuff..Landings.com.

A lot of general aviation information...Pilotfriend.

Advertise your Aircraft for sale with this site. Aircraft for sale specialist... ClearedToLand

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